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Coffee News is a free publication available from our distribution partners throughout the community.

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Coffee News Tri Cities Distribution Points

Coffee News is a freely distributed publication. Look for us wherever the public is being served and spends any waiting time. Coffee Shops, dentist offices, bus terminals, waiting rooms of all kinds.

Below we have listed distribution partners throughout your local community. These businesses and organizations have generously made space available for Coffee News each week so thousands of people in our community can enjoy reading it.

If you have a favorite restaurant, coffee shop, deli or other local business that would be a good place to have Coffee News available, please let us know and we’ll contact them to setup a Coffee News stand for them. You can call us at 989-894-2851 or EMAIL US!

In the Tri Cities, you may pick up a fresh copy of Coffee News weekly at any of the following locations:

Midland, MI Distribution Locations

Company Address  Phone
Grandpa Tonys 1108 Columbus Ave 893-4795
Morning at Maggies 819 Saginaw St 892-3142
DCECU 600 E. Lyon Road  
Creative Spirit 1517 Bayliss St.,  989-837-1885 
Midland Community Center 2205 Jefferson Ave 989-832-7937
Ieuter Insurance Group 414 Townsend St. 989-835-6701
Crepes Et Amis 130 Townsend  
Good to Go 128 Townsend St  
River Side Senior 400 E. Main St 989-837-3535
Shorty's Shoe Repair 122 Rodd Street 989-835-9777 
Midland Chamber 300 Rodd Street 989-839-9901
Midland Health Dept & Housing. 2nd Floor 220 W. Ellsworth 989-832-6380
Pizza Sams 102 W.Main St. 989-631-1934
Ways to Wellness  122 Main St  
Oscar 140 Main St  
Amazing Deli 134 E. Main St 989-837-7278 
ten sixteen 220W main st  
United Way of Midland County 220 W. Main St. Suite 100 989-631-3670
Arc of Midland 220 W. Main St. Suite 102  
Mid. Cancer Services (United Way Bldg) 220 W. Main St. Suite 105 989-835-4841
Grace Dow Library 1710 W. St. Andrews Rd 989-837-3430
Surgical Assoc/Coffee Shope 4011 Orchard Dr  
Mid Michigan Audiology 2520 McCandless Dr  
Dani B's 4308 N. Saginaw St  
Stackers 4312 N. Saginaw Rd 989-631-8646
Salon Unity 4418 N. Saginaw Rd 989-837-1529
Shirlene's Restaurant 1716 W. Wackerly 989-832-2882
Sleep Inn 2100 W Wackerly  
Bay Mount 2200 W. Wackerly  
Eastman Party Store 5205 Eastman Ave  
Bauer Rehab 5103 Eastman Suite 100  
Right at Home 5103 Eastman suite 147 989-486-9557
M-Café' 5103 Eastman  
Grounds For A Better World Eastman 4951 Eastman 989-839-1024
LA Nails 4959 Eastman Ave  837-2911
LA Insurance 4971 Eastman 496-9000
Clean Cigarette 7620 Midland road 835-5477
New Image 5019 Eastman Ave 989-837-6686
Total Clean 2720 N. Saginaw St 832-8701
Papa John's 1524 N. Saginaw Rd. 837-7272
Dave's Barber Shop 4918 Eastman Ave (989) 832-3636
Cergnul Dental 5916 Eastman Ave 989-832-3771
Hogue 810 W. Wackerly suite A 989-631-9860
Eastman Animal Clinic 5910 Eastman Ave  
Bean Canteen 555 Wackerly 989-631-4439
Family Medicine Associates of Midland 555 Wackerly; Suite 1600 989-374-0128
Dr. Gruber (1st floor behind BeanCanteen) 555 Wackerly 989-631-8300
Rehab Associates (3rd floor) 555 Wackerly 989-631-9267
Quest Diagnostics (3rd floor) 555 Wackerly 989-835-5182
Midland GYN wackerly  
Great Lake Eyes wackerly  
Honey Baked Ham 203 W. Wackerly 989-835-4267
Jets Pizza 203 W. Wackerly 989-633-9999
Nathans Hiar 1209 E. Wackerly  
Physical Therapy    
Magnifique 605 E Wackerly  
Athenas Day Spa 321 E. Wackerly  
Hope Care Urgent 111 E wackerly  
Ivy Terrace 402 Joseph Dr.  
Bickford Assisted Living 101 Joseph Dr  
Midland Mall 6800 Eastman Ave  
Bell Tire 815 Joe Mann Blvd  
Bieri Hearing 328 W. Wackerly 989-631-9900
Sabourines Pharmacy 318 W. Wackerly  989-839-8230
Total Family Health Care 720 Wackerly 989-486-9500
Mark Cadotte 720 Wackerly 989-832-8881
Dr Zimolstrad 720 Wackerly 989-839-6565
Partner in Change 720 Wackerly 989-832-2165
Midland Dermatology 728 Wackerly 989-839-1234
Superior Title  728  Wackerly  989-631-0500
Dr. Young 728 Wackerly 989-839-8824
Village Green 715 S Saginaw Rd 989-631-2500
Mancino's 301 S. Saginaw Rd 989-631-1200
Midland Family Eye Care 509 S. Saginaw Rd. 989-835-2020
Merle Norman 507 S. Saginaw Rd 989-835-8500
Mirror Image  507 S. Saginaw Rd 989-486-8023
Washington Woods 821 Cambrige St 989-837-3485
Grounds For A Better World Eastman 1116 S. Saginaw Rd 989-633-3300
Ya-Ya's 1409 S. Saginaw Rd 989-835-2882
Big Boy 1513 S. Saginaw Rd 989-631-1059
Lil' Chef 1616 S. Saginaw Rd 989-631-3660
Totally Cean 717 Waldo Ave 496-9441
McDonald's Waldo 601 Waldo 989-495-0165
Valley Lanes 5201  Bay City Rd 989-496-3940
Valley Plaza & Days Inn 5201 Bay City rd 989-496-2700

New locations are added regularly, so check back often!

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