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Coffee News is a free publication available from our distribution partners throughout the community.

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Coffee News Tri Cities Distribution Points

Coffee News is a freely distributed publication. Look for us wherever the public is being served and spends any waiting time. Coffee Shops, dentist offices, bus terminals, waiting rooms of all kinds.

Below we have listed distribution partners throughout your local community. These businesses and organizations have generously made space available for Coffee News each week so thousands of people in our community can enjoy reading it.

If you have a favorite restaurant, coffee shop, deli or other local business that would be a good place to have Coffee News available, please let us know and we’ll contact them to setup a Coffee News stand for them. You can call us at 989-894-2851 or EMAIL US!

In the Tri Cities, you may pick up a fresh copy of Coffee News weekly at any of the following locations:

Saginaw, MI Distribution Locations
Distribution Address Phone
Cardinal Deli 6985 Bay Rd. 249-8005
Tropical Smoothie Café 5815 Bay Rd. 781-2124
Tim Hortons 9195 Tittabawassee 401-7611
Belle Tire 3370 Titttabawassee 791-4200
7-11 Tittabawassee 3990 Tittabawassee 790-7711
Freeland Sports Zone 5690 Midland Rd 695-2000
Freeland McDonalds 7374 Midland Rd  
Freeland Riverside Rest. 8295 Midland Rd 695-5563
IVF Michigan 5400 Mackinaw Rd. & Tittabawassee 792-8771
Dr. Bartnik MD Covenant 5400 Mackinaw Rd. & Tittabawassee 791-2330
Bickford Cottage 5275 Mackinaw Rd. 799-9600
CAN Council 1311 N. Michigan Ave  
Tim Hortons 4870 State St 753-0273
Big Apple Bagel/State St. 5622 State St 799-1600
Papa Johns 5624 State St. 249-7272
Maria's Rest. 6090 State St. 799-6300
All Seasons Skin & Surgery Center 6300 State St. 797-7546
Paul W. Allen DDS 6300 State St. Suite #A 797-2870
Pay Per Klip 6515 State St. 249-6689
Curry's Hotel (Salon in Front) 6307  State Street  
Underground Railroad 5647 State Street q10
Shattuck Dental 5382 Gratiot Rd. 497-6453
Edgewood Ass't Living 4850 Gratiot Rd. 497-9970
Beef 'O' Brady 4880 Gratiot Rd. Next to Crumbs 249-0800
Tony's Rest. Center Rd. 234 N. Center 793-1631
Dr. Light 3150 Hallmark Ct. 790-9460
Dr. Amin 3150 Hallmark Ct. 793-4420
Shattuck Family Physicians 3170 Hallmark Ct  
The Look 3550 Shattuck 793-2486
Copoco 3262 Cabaret Trl S  
Prime Cuts 3750 Fortune Blvd 792-5151
Saginaw Internal Medicine 3875 Bay Rd 583-5150
Renue 5703 Bay Rd 401-5282
Riverfront Eye care 3200 Cabaret Tr S 810-230-9292
Hi-Tech Optical 3138 Christy Way 799-9390
Parinnis Deli 3585 Bay Rd. 791-3663
Holt Transport 3075 Boardway Dr  
Biggby Coffee (Alex is the owener) 3085 Bay Rd 791-0446
Milano's Pizza  3085 Bay rd (Suite 14) 249-0900
Patisserie 2715 Bay Rd.  
Seven -11 2726 Weiss Behind Patisserie 793-1370
Discount Tire - Bay Rd. 3872 Bay Rd.  799-8090
Draper Chevrolet 4200 Bay Rd. 393-9281
Charley's Subs  4338 Bay Rd. 797-1199
BoRics 4350 Bay Rd 989-249-9000
Jimmy John's 4342 Bay Rd 249-9000
Coffee Beanery 4851 Fashion Sq. Blvd. 799-4333
Bieri Hearing 2650 mccarty 793-2701
Lakeside Circle (off Barnard) 4730 Lakeside Circle 799-9080
St. Mary's Emergency Care 4599 Towne Centre  
St. Mary's Ambulatory Care 4599 Towne Centre  
Cole Veterinary Hospital 2615 Schust Rd  
Financial Credit Union Plus 4686 Fashion Sq Blvd 792-9800
Tonys Rest. FSB 4880 Fashion Sq. Blvd 249-8669
MI Surgical-S.Bays 5415 Fash. Sq. Blvd./Trautner 790-4855
Mannor Financial Group 2205 Trautner Dr Suite 202 792-2335
Dial Tent & Awning 5330 Davis Rd. 793-0741
Dr. Sajeda Nysrat MD 2578 McLeod N Dr. 249-4040
Dr,VenKat Talasila MD 2578 McLeod N Dr. 799-5440
Valley Cardiology 4884 Berl Dr. 497-9395
Dr. Wiersema Med Two; Suite 102  
Dr. Kumar 4701 Towne Rd. Med Two Bldg 2nd Flr Ste. 201 793-1040
Dr. Natole 4701 Towne Rd. Med Two Bldg 1st Flr Ste. 103  
Antique Warehouse 1122 Tittabawassee 755-4343
Fast Financing 6190 Bay Rd  
Auto Interior Decorators 6284 Bay Rd 790-1556
Common Grind 2903 Pierce Rd 702-2060
Dog House 2903 Pierce Rd  
JR's Haircuts 2903 Pierce Rd  
New Kitchen  2903 Pierce Rd  
Yougurt Yetti 2903 Pierce Rd  
Cardinal's Net Travern 2903 Pierce Rd  
Covenant 2970 Pierce Rd,  
Dr. Kathleen Skelcy 2970 Pierce Rd. 583-0295
SVSU  7400 Bay Rd  
McDonald's 6325 Westside Saginaw Rd  
Mobile Gas/Jerky 6183 Westside Saginaw Rd  

New locations are added regularly, so check back often!

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